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Enphase Encharge

  • AC coupled. Encharge can be installed with existing solar in place or without solar at all.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology, considered the safest among residential installations.

  • Stackable 3kWh and 10kWh units for a total of 40kWh on one transfer switch. Totally customizable for your specific needs.

  • 20kWh model and up is recommended for running larger well pumps and some HVAC's with soft start technology.


  • 16kWh battery with the option to stack two for a total of 32kWh. 

  • Compatible with SolarEdge and SMA inverters.

  • 32kWh recommended for larger well pumps and some HVAC units.

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Battery Storage

There are many storage brands and options to choose from. Costs  and capability can vary substantially. We have highlighted a few options below for you to explore.

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