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Sustainable Solutions for Business Brilliance: Introducing Our Commercial Solar Services.


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Empower your business with our cutting-edge commercial solar services, designed to elevate your sustainability initiatives and drive cost-effective energy solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your commercial enterprise.

  • Energy Audit:

    • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business’s energy needs.
    • Analyze historical energy consumption patterns.
  • Customized System Design:

    • Develop a tailored solar system design based on the business’s unique requirements.
    • Consider factors such as available space, energy goals, and future expansion.
  • Regulatory Compliance:

    • Ensure compliance with local regulations and permitting for commercial solar installations.
    • Obtain necessary approvals and permits from relevant authorities.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance:

    • Implement a robust monitoring system for real-time performance tracking
    • Schedule routine maintenance checks to optimize system efficiency.
Commercial Solar Services in Northern CA

Our comprehensive approach to commercial solar services, covering everything from initial assessment to ongoing support and maintenance for sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

For the discerning business seeking sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

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Residential Solar Services in Northern CA
Residential Solar Services

Experience the ultimate in sustainable living with our residential solar services, providing eco-friendly energy solutions tailored to power your home efficiently and reduce your environmental footprint.

Solar Backup Battery in Northern CA
Battery Backup Solar Services

Elevate your energy independence with our solar backup battery services, offering a reliable and efficient solution to store excess solar power, ensuring uninterrupted access to clean energy even during grid outages or low sunlight periods.

Commercial Solar Services in Northern CA
Solar Service and Support

Our solar service and support ensure a seamless and reliable renewable energy experience, providing comprehensive assistance to optimize system performance and address any maintenance needs, ensuring your sustainable power solution runs smoothly.

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Solar solutions made with purpose

Solar solutions made with purpose

Sunriver Solar is proud to offer support for any Solar Power systems and equipment regardless of who originally installed them.