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Serving Northern California for Over Two Decades

We're Local & We Care

We've built our solar company on two ideas: Treat our customers like family and do exactly what we say we are going to do.

Why We're #1

Competitive Pricing & Rebates

The Best Products on The Market

Decades Worth of Happy Customers

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Going solar changed our lives! We never have to worry about how much we use our heating and air system!!

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Why Go With Sunriver Solar?

Quick & Convenient Installation

Rebates & Affordable Financing

Top Tier Systems with 25 Year Warranties

Go Green & Save Money Every Month

Why Go Solar?

Take Back Your Energy Independence from PG&E

Who knows how much electricity will be a year, two years, five years from now? Gain your energy independence and produce your own energy and watch your energy bills vanish! Never worry about how much you are running the A/C in summer or how much you have the heater on in the winter.

Give Back to The Environment!

We all know green energy is better for the environment. By going solar, you will save tons of money AND help the environment! You can enjoy unlimited energy without adding more carbon to the atmosphere.

Increase the Value of Your Home!

With PG&E rates increasing without an end in sight, future buyers of your home will pay top dollar for energy independence! Having solar panels is a huge plus if you find yourself ever needing to sell your home.

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