We proudly feature Hanwha QCells. Most of these panels are manufactured in Georgia. QCELLS manufactures top quality products at a competitive price.

If you desire different panels, we can accommodate most any request.

Sunriver installs systems with micro-inverters, string inverters, and hybrid inverters (string inverters with optimizers at each panel).

A system with micro-inverters or optimizers means that each panel operates independently from all the other panels in the array. This gives the system greater efficiency, while making it easier to monitor and upgrade in the future.

Batteries can provide backup to essential loads during power outages and can also allow load shifting. Load shifting means you charge your battery when electricity is cheap and discharge it when it is expensive.
System costs vary depending on system size and installation complexity. System size depends on the amount of electricity you need, shading, panel orientation and tilt. Prices can range from $10,000 to $100,000+. We will work with you to determine what size system will generate the greatest return on your investment.
The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is generated when you go solar. 30% of the total project spend is returned to you in the form of a tax credit. (Please consult your tax professional for additional information specific to your situation.)

Example: $25,000 (solar project) X 0.30 = $7500 tax credit.

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Solar solutions made with purpose

Solar solutions made with purpose

Sunriver Solar is proud to offer support for any Solar Power systems and equipment regardless of who originally installed them.