Powerwall 3 installed in garage

Renewable energy innovation strides forward with the Tesla Powerwall 3, an advanced home energy storage system enabling energy autonomy. This new technology offers homeowners a sustainable edge, pairing with solar systems to deliver an eco-friendly, reliable power supply.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Installed on home. Solar panels installed on roof.

Unveiling a Solar-Powered Lifestyle: Powerwall 3

The Powerwall 3 bridges the gap between solar production and practical home usage, offering consistent clean energy through advanced storage solutions. It’s marking a shift in residential energy – from a green concept to an everyday reality.

Exceptional Performance Meets Versatility

With its DC-coupled design, the Powerwall 3 minimizes energy waste and seamlessly blends a battery and inverter into one unit. This reduces the space needed in/on the home and simpler installation.

Tesla Powerwall 3 – Built to Last

The latest Powerwall thrives in any climate, thanks to robust construction that resists harsh temperatures, moisture, and submersion. This ensures your power needs are met regardless of location.

Simplified Installation, Expanded Options

As the needs of the home change, so will the design of the battery backup system. Available in Q2 of 2024, DC-coupled battery expansion packs will all for easy, cost-effective future upgrades.

Intuitive Energy Monitoring

The Tesla App puts real-time data and control of your energy system in your hand, simplifying how you track and adjust your usage for maximum efficiency.

Tesla One Monitoring App

Making Sustainable Choices Economical

Beyond its remarkable tech, the Powerwall 3 is economically viable. Considering low ownership costs, tax credits, and utility savings, it becomes an accessible step towards greener living, with a payback period of about five years in states like California.

Powerful Capacity

Capacity and output are where Powerwall 3 truly shines, boasting 11.5kW continuous power and a 13.5kWh energy capacity. Powerwall 3 supports a 20kW DC solar input, meeting energy demands of most homes while accommodating high-energy devices and appliances.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Specs

Tesla Powerwall 3: Versatility at its Core

The Powerwall 3 isn’t just about power—it’s about the capability to cater to a multitude of devices and appliances, from the mundane to the extravagant. A single unit can power everyday essentials, entertainment systems, and even high-power appliances like hot tubs and electric vehicle chargers. Its versatility extends to meeting the inrush and continuous power requirements of up to 95% of homes in the United States, making it a scalable solution for individualized energy needs.

The Trust of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

Tesla’s choice of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology for the Powerwall 3 underscores its commitment to safety and longevity. LFP batteries, renowned for their stability and lifespan, provide a secure battery solution that mitigates the risk of thermal runaway. Tesla’s dedication to engineering a safe product delivers a system that not only performs but also endures and looks good.

From Factory to Home: Uncompromising Quality

The Powerwall 3 is a product of world-class manufacturing standards upheld at the Gigafactory in Nevada and New York. This ensures that each unit is crafted with precision and care. With a Made in the USA label, the Powerwall 3 embodies the best of American ingenuity and manufacturing. Investing in the Powerwall 3 is not just a step towards a sustainable future but also a vote of confidence in local production and the creation of local green jobs.

Powerwall 3: More Value, Greater Savings

Progress through power – Tesla Powerwall 3 embodies this, delivering sustainable energy storage that meets the demands of modern homes and lays the foundation for a greener future.

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