Why Should you Go With Sunriver Solar

Five things we do that other companies don’t. They may do some of them, but we are the only company that does them all.

  1. We offer a performance guarantee, guaranteeing the amount of electricity production. This is critical to your return on investment. After all, it is the electricity that you want, not panels, or aesthetics or anything else. It is electricity that gives you a return on your investment.
  2. Our panel recommendation is based on the financial strength of the manufacturer, nobody else does that. Financial strength of the manufacturer is paramount because everyone provides a 25-year warranty. You want to be sure they will be around in 25 years. So do we.
  3. Shop local and save. When you buy from us, you reinvest in your community spending locally and employing people who work here. You aren’t sending the money off to some distant corporate HQ.
  4. We are a high touch personalized service company. We don’t have elaborate voice mail systems, phone trees, or chats lines. If you call us, you will get a human on the phone, not a computer.
  5. Each project is custom designed to fit your exact needs and budget. Solar is not a one size fits all commodity to us. We take the time to deliver exactly what you want and need.
  6. We may not be the lowest priced company (even though we probably are), but we absolutely will deliver the most value.


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